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Important Information

Medication Use During Pregnancy

Dr. Lovell is aware that there have been many concerns over the use of medications during your pregnancy or while you are breastfeeding. (UNLESS PRESCRIBED BY YOUR OBSTETRICIAN, YOU SHOULD NOT USE MEDICATION UNTIL IT HAS BEEN CLEARED WITH YOUR OB DOCTOR!)

There are some remedies and Over the Counter (OTC) medications that are considered safe during pregnancy…taken in moderation, of course. If symptoms continue or become worse, please call our office at (210) 614-8181.

Listed below are some problems that can occur during pregnancy along with several simple “self-helps”.
Please try before calling the office.

Use heating pad (medium) or warm towel-4 times a day for 15 minutes. Rest, and take warm (not HOT!) baths.
Use correct posture and try to avoid heavy lifting. Sleep on a firm bed. Wear comfortable shoes with low heels.

Increase liquids to 8-10 glasses of water a day.

The following medications are allowed OTC:
Ocean Nasal Spray, Benadryl, Plain or Extra Strength Tylenol, Sudafed (plain), Chlortrimeton, Cold-Eze lozenges, Cepacol Throat lozenges, Plain Robitussin DM, Claritin, Zyrtec, Allegra, Nasonex, All Tylenol (acetaminophen), Vitamin C-500 mg daily, Over the counter cold products in addition to prenatal vitamins.

Sore Throat:
Use lozenges to soothe your throat. Increase fluids. Call if temperature occurs greater than 101 degrees.

Increase fluids and fiber intake. Increase water (6-8 glasses above normal intake).

Also safe to take OTC:

Milk of Magnesia Surfak
Metamucil Benefiber
Stool Softeners Prunes/prune juice

Plain or extra strength Tylenol every 4 hours, as needed. Ice packs.
If you have no relief or have visual disturbances,
call the office.

Start a clear liquid diet, which includes bouillon, jello, 7-up,Gatorade,
etc. for 48 hours, then a bland diet.
Safe to take OTC: Kaopectate or Imodium AD

Avoid constipation by increasing the amounts of fluids and roughage in your diet. Sitting in a soothing tub of warm
(Not HOT) water is a soothing measure you can try.

Safe to take OTC:
Tucks/witch hazel

Protein rich snacks at bedtime. Try eating something dry upon awakening. You may try toast or crackers. Instead of 3 large meals, try eating 6 smaller meals spaced out evenly throughout the day. If you feel that your nausea is out of control, there is a prescription medication you can take. Call our office if you feel like you need this medication.

Safe to take OTC:
Emetrol, Ginger Capsules and Peppermint Tea

Heartburn & Indigestion:
Avoid spicy foods, as well as coffee, alcohol, tomato dishes and even chocolate! Eat smaller, more frequent meals. Elevate—Do not lay down after eating. Chew gum.

Safe to take OTC:
Gaviscon, Maalox, Mylanta, Tums, Rolaids, Pepsid, Zantac and Prilosec

Groin Pain:
Round ligament pain is a sharp, sudden pain in the groin areacaused by the uterus growing to accommodate the baby. Move carefully and avoid sudden movements. Turn over carefully when you are in bed or getting up. Get off your feet. Heat may help for pain relief. (15 minutes)

Leg Cramps:
Increase calcium. Wear support pantyhose and low heeled shoes. Soak legs in a warm bath. Increase milk intake.

Safe to take OTC:
Magnesium Oxide 400mg twice a day Citracal Caltrate

Skin Itchiness:

Safe to take OTC:
Benadryl Lotion (Allergic Rashes), Calamine Lotion (Insect Bites), Cortisone, Aveeno cream, lotion or baths

This is a problem that women experience at some time during their pregnancy. Wearing support pantyhose, elevating feet, and resting on your left side may offer some relief. Do not wear rings if your hands are swollen! “Water pills” are not recommended during pregnancy. Drink fluids-especially water. Lower salt intake.

Go to bed if possible. Avoid intercourse, tampons, or douching. If cramping or bleeding as heavy as a period occurs, call the nurse.

Tylenol Extra Strength 1-2 every four hours. Drink fluids. Please call the office if temperature is greater than 101 degrees.

Dizziness, Fainting & Lightheadedness:
Increase fluids. Avoid missing meals. Avoid sudden changes in posture. After lying down, get up slowly, rolling to your side, then push up to sit.

Vaginal Discharge:
You will normally have more discharge when you are pregnant, but if signs of infection occur, such as itching or foul odor, you need to call the office. DO NOT DOUCHE!

Varicose or “Spider” Veins:
Elevate feet as often as possible and wear support pantyhose.

Sexual Intercourse:
You can continue sexual activity as long as you feel comfortable and there is no spotting. Please call our office with any concerns and if you do begin spotting.

It Is Time To Go The Hospital When:
(Call the office if the following occurs during regular business hours as the doctor may wish to see you.)

**Your membranes rupture (water breaks and leakage)
**Persistent bleeding
**When uncomfortable and contractions are 6-7 minutes apart.

Important Information you need to know!
The following is a list of things that should also be completely avoided during your pregnancy! Please take note!

Douching or use of tampons
Cat litter boxes (emptying or cleaning)
Hot tubs and saunas
Any fish item that is high in Mercury; such as, tuna steaks, tilefish, king mackerel or shark
Artificial sweeteners should also be limited; saccharin, aspartame, etc.

***If a medication is NOT listed here, DO NOT TAKE unless you have cleared it with your doctor first!***

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